Perspective Writing/Reading in Poetry

So recently I’ve been in the planning stages of my Great Day presentation and in doing so I’ve believe I have found another source for poetry; what I’m speaking of is perspective. Almost every human being has the innate ability to look at an object and/or idea and perceive itโ€™s meaning or description as something else. For example, while writing, two people may look at an apple for inspiration; one person sees the apple as just an apple and writes their poem about an apple; however, the other person might see the apple as a symbol of knowledge and write their poem about knowledge. Without giving too much of my planning for great day away, I believe that perception of ideas/meaning of objects has to do with a plethora of different factors, which include: faith, education, and medical reasons to name a few. I say medical reasons because for instance, I am colorblind and therefore perceive colors differently than others. I perceive colors in my poetry by describing what color should look like, and not what actual color it is. Look out at Great Day for my presentation! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I have no idea if this is anything close to your Great Day presentation, but playing off of perspective, I bet it would be fun to have an item on display – something simple, but hard to recognize; maybe something specifically crafted for this purpose – and ask visitors to write a short descriptor of the item. You could display all the guesses; see how everyone sees the item.

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