If you’re leaving for spring break, write about going home. If you’re staying, write on the green about the silver wind. If you’re coming back for the rest of the semester, write to tell us about the haunting silence in the hallways of the ISC. If you’re staying home, like me, write about the haunting silence in the hallways of your home, lacking in the screams of people going to Crows and the smell of alcohol from pre-games. If I’ll see you next semester, write poems reminiscing on the green couches of the Harding Lounge. If you’re graduating, write about how you built your own stage you’ve been walking down for the past four-five years.

If anything, we will continue to write until we see our faces on the backs of books at Sundance, smiling towards future readers and writers like us. If anything, we will meet in Crickets for our own workshops, unmonitored by Registration, holding public secret meetings to help better each other. If anything, keep writing.

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