Dear Jake

While I applying to study here at SUNY Geneseo, I had a close friend applying to be a foreign exchange student in Spain. Luckily, we both got accepted. It was odd, our final goodbye, sitting across from one another in the booth of a mostly-empty Friendly’s. I will admit that I was a bit irritated around that time because as someone who values personal space, Jake was too… clingy, I guess… and I was ready for some space. Still, it was sad to say goodbye.

A few weeks passed as I grew accustomed to the new collegiate setting. I soon found myself seated in front of my lap, typing out an email. Time passed and I received a response, and this continued on.

As I wrote letters to Jake detailing my life here at Geneseo and he regaled stories of Spain and rowdy foreign exchange students, I began to think about the excitement of getting a new email in my inbox. Then I started thinking of poetry in the form of letters.

I think it’s interesting, seeing what people put to paper as opposed to what they are really thinking, and the format of letting someone close to them know what’s new in their life. I just thought this was an interesting source for writing, especially as a form that is more uncommon in today’s day and age.

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