Poem Playlist

I made a playlist for my poems:

I tried to strike a balance between songs that have actually inspired poems with their lyrics and songs that had a more intuitive, aesthetic connection to my poems. Enjoy!

4 Replies to “Poem Playlist”

  1. Robbie this is a great idea!!! I definitely think that music and writing are connected. I’ve noticed before how authors will release a soundtrack to their book, and tell their readers what songs correlate to certain chapters. How long did it take you to do this? I wanna do this now too!

  2. I like the choice of music you used in your playlist! I make writing playlists from time to time (too often, really) and I tend to swing towards instrumental music for writing short stories and fiction, and more lyric songs for poetry. I also like that you used video game soundtrack songs in your playlist because they’re always so good for setting moods and creating specific kinds of ambiance. I love listening to soundtracks for games when writing, especially the soundtrack for “The Last of Us.”

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