Introductions to Poetry, Old Friends and Daydreams

While I was hanging out with my friends Saturday morning (read: 2:30 pm) one of them kept mentioning that she really wanted to eat eggs. This naturally reminded of my friend Robin’s poem “Egg.” Its one of his older poems, so I had to scroll a bunch to find it, and while quickly seeing all the poems he has shared with me, and few new ones, I decided to read a bunch later.

After I read “Daydream” ( I was so excited, because I finally had a good excuse to share Robin’s poetry on the blog. The poem takes place in a Lowe’s parking lot! I remember having a conversation with him before he wrote this poem about how strange parking lot lighting is, particularly the sunsets and twilights. If only I had done this the weekend before I could have asked Erika how she felt about Lowe’s. Her answer might have been similar to something Robin told me about how the facades of them look in front of the sun.

I began thinking about how Robin really introduced me to poetry, and how lucky I am to have a friend writing such cool stuff (and a little sad because he’s not writing much anymore). If I keep at this poetry thing like I plan to do, Robin could be the most influential person in my life behind my parents, so I was wondering if all of you have anyone like that in your lives? And if not, how did you come to poetry?

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  1. I read your friend’s poem and I really liked the casual tone mixed with this highfalutin language interspersed throughout the poem. *thumbs up*

    Who inspired me to get into poetry…hrmm…in general I think it has been my teachers I’ve had to be quite honest! When I was in elementary school, I was part of this accelerated learning program (aka gifted and talented) and I had probably the best teacher from 2nd to 5th grade. She exposed us to botany, cryogenics, bridge-building with toothpicks, economics, Shakespeare, and poetry (there were other subjects too but math doesn’t stand out too much). She was really encouraging and got us excited to learn. We worked on short poems and how to make couplets–they were goofy and glorious!

    Also I had this teacher during my senior year of high school that so in love with poetry and he forced every student to write poems based off of paintings and burning candles. It was an interesting experience. I might write about it in my next blog post!

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