A Poetic Problem

In our recent class we were told to write down some of the strengths and weaknesses we have in our writing.  I find some of my weaknesses to be meter and rhyme.  I have never been very interested in writing in meter and therefore have never worked to improve my ability to write it.  I think that I would benefit from practicing writing in meter but I’m not sure how to start.  Any suggestions?  Rhyme, on the other hand, is something that I do enjoy adding to my poetry.  I believe it can help the movement of the poem and make reading more enjoyable for the reader.  I usually have trouble finding words that rhyme without it sounding forced.  I was wondering if anyone had any techniques for rhyme, or if it is something that easily comes to them?  Thanks a lot!

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  1. When I attempt to write in meter, I have to set up the format of the poem beforehand if I will have any hope of ever finishing it. The last time I wrote in meter was actually something like two years ago, but it took me over a year of working on it on and off before I got it to a place where I was satisfied. I think if I had to try again to write in meter, it would come more easily. Practice makes perfect, after all. I find my greatest problem with rhythm and rhyme is the restriction I feel when I’m searching for it. You touched on how purposely making a poem rhyme often makes it sound as though it is being forced, and I agree that can happen very easily. So for me, the best way to produce something that rhymes is to have the idea to let the rhyme urge the poem to flow, while at the same time, continuing to write without getting stuck up on how it comes out when it doesn’t rhyme. Besides, the line that does not actually rhyme in a sea of lines that do is the one that will stick out and be most poignant in the poem.

  2. Rhyming definitely does not come naturally to me. I can’t even spell the word half of the time, I usually write it as “rhiming” even though I know it’s wrong. I don’t think that you should worry that your rhymes feel forced because forced rhymes are a good first start to actual rhymes. Sometimes I write a word, like “bubble,” and I find the most nonsensical words that rhyme with the word. Bubble, Yubble, Qubble, Zubble, Hubble, Trouble. Slowly, actual words in the English language start to appear. So if the rhymes feel forced, then keep going.

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