Writing in Their Shoes

Many times, inspiration can be found simply by looking at other people. Sit down somewhere you can people watch. Pay close attention to other people’s outfits, particularly their shoes. What do their shoes say about them? Write a poem based on their shoes: it can be about the shoes themselves, how they are walked in, where they have walked, or many other things. Try to expand on the small details of the shoes without wearing their soles too thin (har har).

Special bonus round: write using only long lines, or at least lines long enough to mirror how far the shoes have walked.

As the posts before have said, share this poem! Staple it to the bottom of your shoes! Staple it to someone else’s shoes (with their consent, of course)! Walk 500 miles and 500 more and staple it to a telephone post – sharing it doesn’t mean you’re not the sole proprietor of your own poem anymore.

If you can’t seem to come up with something shoe related, don’t feel defeet. Try to write about another article of clothing! I am so sorry about all the puns.

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