Someday My Prince Will Come And Rub Ointment On My Gills Because I’m Itchy

Dear Friends,

I’ve been listening to Bill Evan’s “Someday My Prince Will Come.” The overall feel and mood of the song makes me want to write something. I’ve been jotting a few things down and so far the only line that makes sense is, “someday my prince will come and rub ointment on my gills because I’m itchy.”

I usually am inspired by music. Sometimes, I’m inspired by the things that I see outside. Most of the time, I’m inspired by something I have read or have heard. I’ve never been inspired by a painting. I don’t think I’ve been inspired by a dance.

What inspires you to write poetry? Or what has inspired you to write a poem? A song? A family member? A planet? Tell me. I’m bored. It’s 4AM on 4/20/2015 and I have no idea why I’m still up.


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  1. Diego, I ADORE Bill Evans!!! I find jazz to be super stimulating when it comes to writing poetry.

    Interestingly enough, I also find that electronic music is super motivating for me. (Which I know is odd because jazz is much more lyrical and melodic) However, I think that jazz and electronic music do a great job to create a certain ambience that strikes the “creative chord” in me (ha no pun intended). Both genres deal with complex poly-rhythmic situations and this builds a really nice atmosphere for my mind to start jotting things down. Often times I’ll listen to ambient music, too! I just really like when some part of my brain is engrossed in a piece of music because often times my writing will be a response to what I’m listening to. (this also works for essay writing, too) If electronic/ambient sounds at all interesting for you, try listening to Aphex Twin!

  2. Diego,

    First off this is such a good song ahhhh. Second, for me I honestly have trouble not being inspired. I’m sure that sounds super pretentious like “Oh I find inspiration in everything around me” but seriously I’m constantly like “Oh I should make that into a poem!” The problem is when I sit down to write I NEVER REMEMBER WHAT I WAS GOING TO WRITE ABOUT. That inspiring conversation from the drunk girls behind me on that late night LATS bus– gone. The song that I couldn’t get out of my head but of course don’t know the title of– lost to oblivion. The image that I knew would make the perfect opening line of a poem about my mother– bye bye forever. I am constantly inspired, but I can never remember to hold onto that inspiration long enough to get it down. A simple solution would be jotting it down in my phone so I don’t lose it, which I do sometimes, but I’m not always in a position to do this. Plus, I always tell myself, “Oh you’ll remember this one. This is good.” I don’t know why I haven’t learned at this point I WILL NOT REMEMBER IT. JOT IT DOWN. Sorry this became a total rant, but does anyone else experience this? Oh and yes, I completely agree that music is absolutely inspirational. Something about music makes me what to translate it into words. Which is one reason poetry is so awesome– it gives us a medium to express music through language!

    1. Chloe, I feel! I have the worst memory and I don’t know why. I’ve taken to carrying around a small, pocket-sized notebook and a bunch of pens (I leave them on top of my wallet and phone and things I need to bring with me tomorrow), and whenever I think of something to write down, I’ll stop what I’m doing and scribble something so I remember. If you forget your notebook, use your hand. If you take the time to zone out on the bus ride, or stop paying attention in class (except for workshop), or be a minute late to class, it’ll be worth it if you get a poem out of it. Just keep the materials available and stay vigilant! Something about writing the idea out in pen somewhere makes me remember that it exists, and it stays a little forward in my head. It’s about discipline I guess, and even the act of writing can keep it fresh until you’re ready to flesh your idea out.

  3. I often find myself inspired by music, too. However, it is often the lyrics not the music that inspire me. I find that often one line from a song will stick with me and make me want to explore that one idea deeply. I am also often inspired by film–whether by one specific line in a movie or its overall themes and ideas. Again, I find myself wanting to explore things deeper and in my own way. But similarly to Chloe, I often forget what I wanted to say!!! I do often write my ideas down in a note in my phone, but it always seems like by the time I actually want to write the poem, I’ve lost the inspiration and motivation to keep going with it. It seems like inspiration is the type of thing that you have to take advantage of right away!

  4. Margot, I also often find one line that sticks with me from a song. Right now, I’m obsessed with the line “if the wind blows strong then learn to bend” from Coyote Grace’s “Little Tree”. Anyhow, I’m most inspired by things that I want to, but can’t do in the real world. Writing is somehow the only way I can cope with that type of frustration. If there’s something terrible going on the in world that I can’t change, or something I just don’t understand, writing is how I explore those emotions, and probably why a lot of my writing ends up being political. The first (good) slam piece I ever wrote actually came out of watching someone feeding dinner leftovers to pigeons when there were hungry, homeless people slumped against the sides of buildings on the same street.

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