Are we “poets” yet?

So even through creative writing class last semester, this semester’s poetry workshop, and officially becoming a creative writing major, I still have trouble calling myself a “poet”–even a “writer” sometimes. I guess there’s something about the art that feels like I’m always working towards becoming that, and it seems so far away all the time. I know professors in creative writing classes often address us as “writers” or “poets”, but to me–and maybe it really is just me–it still feels weird to accept that. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never been published or because I know I’m young… But when did/do we become “poets”? Is it once we’re published? Or was it all the way back when we wrote our first poems? Anyone else have any thoughts on this or am I just rambling and not making any sense?

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  1. Interesting thought—I’m not sure if I can really call myself a “poet” yet, either. I think about this in reference to calling myself a musician, as well. I’ve been playing guitar for some years and I’ve been pretty trained vocally…but I’m just not sure if I can call myself a “guitarist” or “vocalist”. I think it’s just because I still feel like I’m so new to figuring myself out…it’s moreso an existential issue more than anything.

    Despite heavily immersing myself in poetry these days, (taking the creative writing course last semester, poetry workshop this semester, and recently becoming co-president of the poet society ((alongside Pam)) I still feel a little odd calling myself a poet. To call myself a poet, means to put me in the same category as the established people I am studying and reading and I’m not sure if I’m too comfortable with this yet, since I am still learning.

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