Geneseo Poet’s Society Meeting!

Hi all!
Today I went to the first official Poet’s Society meeting. Pam and Sara are co-presidents, and it’s really nice to see some familiar faces leading something we (for the most part) love. We did a fun writing prompt–Write about a conversation you’ll never have with someone–and I thought it was very thought-provoking. It actually helped me finish my poem for exercise 3. I took bits of what I had already started and mashed it together with some bits I wrote at the meeting. I have never really mashed poems together like that before, but it was really effective for me. Do you guys find yourselves ever “mashing” snippets of different poems together? If so, why? The ones that I used were unrelated but I filled in the blanks by adding/cutting. I will definitely be doing this again in the future. Interested to hear what you all have to say about this!
Also–anyone interested in meetings should definitely come! I was having a bad case of writer’s block all last week and the meeting really helped get me inspired. The meetings are Saturday at 6 in the Fireside Lounge. Hope to see you poets there!

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  1. All the time I find myself knitting together pieces of several different poems! Often-times I write because a word itself inspires me, and so I’ll write a short snippet based on the feeling that word inspires. I keep all these snippets on a personal blog for myself, and as I tag them with different emotions and then ‘mash-up’ those emotions by using different tags to filter my snippets. This lets me look at the snippets in new ways and add them together, often with a few new lines to knit the two snippets closer. Blogspot is a great forum for keeping your writing organized, and you can set it to private so no one but you can see your snippets!


  2. Arianna,

    I am also a masher (or as Meghan put it, a knitter). I am someone who likes to jot down single lines or images or phrases that I think of/ come across in everyday life to inspire my poetry, and often times, my poems start as conglomerates of these notes. I’ve also combined whole poems into one. I think, for me, the time when I recognize that this might be an option for two poems is when I read them and feel either a. that there is something absolutely inseparable about the two, and reading one without the other just doesn’t feel right, or b. I read the two poems and feel that I am getting the same thing from them. I think this Blogspot thing that Meghan mentioned sounds really cool, particularly for my writing process, so I’m definitely going to check it out as well. Maybe I’ll stop by Poet Society, too!

    -Chloe Forsell

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