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So I’m freaking out a little. I’m really ahead as a creative writing major and it was recommended that I get a minor. But the problem is, all I really care about is creative writing. Sure, I can pick whatever I want because anything really complements English, but I have no idea what I would want to do. Outside major electives are needed anyway, so I might as well get a minor but I’m just terrified I’m not going to be good or interested at anything but English.


Are any of you double majors or minors? How do you juggle your love of English and writing with other things? I’ve been thinking about communications, but I’m terrible at journalism. I’m just worried that my way of viewing English is going to be a completely different mindset from my minor and it’ll take away from my true love: writing. How do you handle the mental shifts between subjects that you’re putting a lot of effort into?






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  1. Hi Marley!
    I’m an English creative writing major (obv) with a minor in political science. I just applied to the school of ed, so I’ll basically be doubling in adolescent education and creative writing. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, it just took me while to figure it out for sure. As for the political science, it’s just something I’m really interested it. For the longest time I wanted to double with it, but then teaching became a reality so the poli sci not so much.
    As for picking something else, just go with anything that interests you. AP Gov made me fall in love with politics, and although my love for it is not nearly as strong as my love for creative writing, it’s still something that I enjoy learning about. Ask yourself what classes you enjoyed in high school or college, other than English ones. If that doesn’t help, scroll through the master schedule and take something that sounds interesting to you!
    Hope I helped!

  2. Hi Marley!
    So yeah, I’m a double major with a minor. Majors: Biology and Creative Writing. Minor: Honors, which is basically just advanced Gen Eds. Biology and Creative Writing seem as different as it gets in terms of using different mindsets – one is all tests, the other is all papers. And yet, the creative process of research and writing complement one another very well. I handle the mental shifts, honestly, by balancing – I try to do a few english and a few biology courses each semester, so I’m not really shifting but always exercising my mind in two different ways. I love it.

    It can sometimes be really frustrating because I don’t have enough time for writing; since Biology is technically my main focus (where I’m going to grad school) I’ve spent an enormous amount of time involved in research projects to boost my application. But is there ever enough time for writing?

    My biggest piece of advice for you is this: having a second major that radically changes the way you view the world can only make your mind and ideas more unique. For example, if you picked up a math minor, you might be the only poet who can write a poem that follows the form of mosaic knot construction – or who can convey the beauty of a tangent line. Knowledge will only give you more power and fodder for poetry – every discipline is filled with so much beautiful information that you can turn into magnificent poems and stories. While focusing on creative writing is good, if you only ever write you will run out of things to say; keep up the learning and researching by engaging with a minor that maybe makes you nervous, or uncomfortable. You will only grow because of it.

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