Can I Pull Off a William Carlos Williams Impression?

I sometimes am bored. Like I am now, sitting alone in my suite’s lounge, in my underwear waiting to go home in the morning. Roseanne Barn (Barr?) just asked James Corden to help her roll up her spanks.

Anyway, while looking up interviews of poets on Youtube, I came across this lovely interview. It is William Carlos Williams being interviewed on the Mary McBride Show in 1950. The first impression of William Carlos Williams was that that was not the voice that I thought he had. With a name like William Carlos Williams how could I not have expected a man with a deep voice who chews on his cheek as he speaks? I kind of like the way he talks–it feels like Mr. Rogers to me.

In the interview he says that he was born a poet and a critic. I believe that I am the same because whenever I write a line, as soon as I do, I have to fix it. I am always criticizing myself when I write. So my question is were you guys born a poet and a critic like William Carlos Williams? Or were you just born a poet? or a critic? or neither?


Here’s the video if you guys want to check it out. It’s great to listen to when you’re by yourself in a dark room.

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