Who Are Your Favorite Poets to listen to?

From the Fishhouse came with a CD and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. And I really like what some of the poets sound like when they read. Especially Kate Northrop when she reads her poem The Film because I like how sharp her short lines are and how elongated and soft her longer lines are. But I also liked how Patrick Rosal read his poem Uncommon Denominators because it made feel disgusting, it felt like I had someone whispering into my ear aggressively.

I have other poets that I like to listen to that are not from Fishhouse as well. One of them Langston Hughes, I posted about him in Poetry I so I won’t talk about him too much, but I just love the way he reads because it feels like a song to me. He articulates his words and plays with sound like a musician. And his poems always have a mellow tempo to them. I usually start my mornings listening to him read the Weary Blues–it’s so gooooooooooooood.

So here’s my question: are there any poets, whether old or new just as long as it is their voice that you hear, that you like to listen to?

Here’s a few Spotify playlists that I like to listen to:

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  1. Diego,

    This post has made me realize how much I have neglected the auditory physicality of poetry! I pretty much never listen to poetry, and always read it. After listening to so much poetry within workshop this semester however, like the Langston Hughes poem that you showed us for your lesson, I will definitely be listening to more poetry in my life and get back to you as soon as I’ve listened to enough to have an informed couple of favorites.

    This comment is probably not going to be very helpful/what you’re looking for, but I find listening to/watching a live performance of poetry to be so unendingly inspiring: getting to witness an author’s body movements and facial expressions as they both effect and also react to their own voice, etc… As another way to engage in the act of listening-to-poetry, I would recommend seeking out local events at which there will be poetry read (slam/spoken-word or even just a small group of poets and writers who get together to read aloud their work.)

    Hope this was even .01% helpful or interesting,

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