Writing Exercise When You Need a Study Break!

Hey all!
So I’ve been cramming like crazy–as I’m sure most of you are. I was just thinking how I would love to have a little writing exercise to de-stress but that also relates somewhat to material I’m studying. Maybe this can even help you with your studies! (I said maybe, sorry if it doesn’t)

So, the title of your poem will be the class you are studying for. For example, my title will be ENGL 115, as that is what I’m currently working on.

Now randomly select a term on one of your study sheets or assignments–any term!I landed on Wendy Cope’s Poem–From Strugnell’s Sonnets (which is about a male poet who likes getting drunk, and getting women drunk to have sex with him) ((does this count as studying???).

Now you’ve got a title and a first line!

ENGL 115

In Strugnell’s Sonnets I find:

Now list things you would find in whatever term you have chosen!

ENGL 115

In Strugnell’s Sonnets I find:
drunken whispers over rivers,
the rush of blood in cheeks of
ladies who no longer know what they
speak. cheap liquor leaving table
rings, proposals to marriage

While this is pretty shitty, I still had fun writing it and I’m pretty sure I won’t forget what’s happening in Wendy Cope’s poem!!!

Happy Studying!!
(((Lilo loves you all)))

3 Replies to “Writing Exercise When You Need a Study Break!”

  1. I thought I’d share my results:
    WMST 100

    In Bastard out of Carolina I find:
    bleak summer dirt roads
    shady wraparound porches
    sweet iced tea turned sour with citrus
    trawling hook sexual freedom
    bleeding cuts and birth certificates

  2. humn 220
    in letter from a Birmingham jail I find:

    leaking desperation
    jug filled injustice
    black white just is,
    hear words written by
    underestimated and jailed:
    are you better or are we the same
    or are we both blind and desperate,
    jailed and head filled. boots bled splat
    head, I dare you to think.

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