Ecstatic about Ekphrastic!

First, apologies for the cheesy title, but it was far too tempting. Second, this semester we haven’t spoken much on ekphrastic poetry, which happens to be one of my favorites. I like the idea of linking the written and visual arts, much as I like the idea of linking forms and manifestations of writing. So here, if you’re interested, is a prompt:
I’ve provided a few of artists that I enjoy and find provoking and hopefully they will lead you down a road in your poetry that you wouldn’t otherwise have ventured! 

000171 I




Paintings (in order):

Beethoven Frieze -Gustav Klimt

Houses of Parliament Ablaze -J.M.W. Turner

Dancer -Joan Miró

Japanese Scroll Paintings- Unknown

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  1. Rachel, here’s a bit of a poem I’ve started based on the second image:

    a torch passed over the water sputters and while my fingers skim the oily film,
    gutters out. unruly fish send bubbles up my way, and I feel for a second the
    unreality of allowing this to take place. Westminster warms and I wonder at the severed heads I have seen hovering over red white and black robes.

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