Poetry Prompt: Define Your Own Word

Hey everybody, I thought I’d share a writing prompt for those of us that are looking for creative ways to fill up our portfolios!  I, personally, have a lot of made-up words unique to me that float around in my vocabulary and confuse friends and family members.  I thought it would be cool to write a poem that attempts to define those made-up words.  Here’s mine:

A “bubbin” is a tiny critter, soft

who scampers from shoulder to shoulder.

She is shared, co-parents for those silly feets

gnarled, delicate pink toes and scaly tail

but when she boggles, bruxes, buries herself in my shirts

buries herself in my shirts

Her name is a shortened version of the warmth

I keep secure in my chest,



I hope everyone has fun with this silly prompt, I know I did!

One Reply to “Poetry Prompt: Define Your Own Word”

  1. Thangy

    Thangy is the dangly waggly
    the pants wrapped mast
    the thangy gets me
    tongue in cheek
    the thumpin’ shaky
    makin’ friendly
    and that’s a thangy

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