Google Poetics

You  might have seen this before but here is a blog that uses google searches to make found poems. I think some of these aren’t organic however I don’t think that’s the point. It’s interesting to think about a poem that uses common searches as humorous and also as a point of solidarity. Some of these are extremely sad and some are are pretty poignant.


I tried a few myself and my favorite was this one:

yesterday I

yesterday i saw a lion kiss a deer

yesterday instrumental

yesterday in spanish

yesterday is gone

Try some and see what you come up with! post your fave!


2 Replies to “Google Poetics”

  1. “I found (t)”

    I found the gown
    I found this humerus
    I found the one
    I found the one my soul loves
    I found the I in team
    I found the cure to growing older
    I found god, I found him in a lover
    I found the gown store.

    I omitted a line from the google search (I found the bat cave) because I felt it would actually work somewhat without that one line. This post really inspired me about found poetry.

  2. “Sleeping”

    Sleeping Beauty, sleeping with other people, sleeping pills.
    sleeping with the enemy, sleeping on your left side,
    sleeping disorders, sleeping to dream,
    sleeping in Spanish, sleeping Venus.

    I really liked this exercise, it got me thinking about the phrases we hear often and how they shape our existence, super cool!

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