Writing Exercise: Mix & Match

For this exercise, the idea is to choose two prompts/exercises, one from the first group, one from the second group in a sort of mix & match. From there, blend the two together and see what comes out.

Pick one:
1. Write about what the earth would say if it could speak, and include in your poem the time you felt the most big and the time you felt the most small
2. Write about a time you were terrified, and connect your writing to the place where you find is easiest to fall asleep in.
3. Rename yourself five or more different times according to the different perspectives through which you are viewed. Make sure to be specific!
Now pick another:
1. Turn your paper on its side so that its at landscape now instead of portrait. See where the longer lines take you in your writing.
2. Create a word bank of about 30 words inspired by everything that a skyscraper represents to you. Now stick a few pairs of these words together. Now use most of these words in your new word bank (both single and compound words) to create a poem
3. Write in third person plural (we) or in second person (you). Be mindful of the dynamic created between the speaker and those referred to with the pronouns.

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