Drawing Inspiration from Art

This was an unintended pun. But, as we’ve touched on how art can be a source for our poetry, I wanted to share some of the art that I continue to return to.

Htmlflowers is an artist whose colors can always pull some good out of me. They post their art on Instagram and also sell it on independent sites.  The colors in their art can always pull good out of me.  Here’s one of my current favorites, called “disapproving sun” along with another one that is untitled.

Another artist I return to is unnamed because I found a book of their art a while back at a yard sale, and the book was pretty tattered up. I have yet to discover their name but will continue to return to their images, such as:

I wanted to include both of these artists, because it’s important to note that our sources do not have to have concrete particulars about them. Maybe they aren’t named. Maybe we turn to sources that could be a feeling, something intangible. In this case, there’s a named and unnamed artist. Both inspire me.

What artists/ types of art inspire you guys?


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