Place, place, displace

I figured I would jot down my thought process in crafting the upcoming writing exercise. I’ve noticed that the places I’ve tended to write about the most lately are quite disjointed in nature:

Kitchens (of all sorts- dirty, chromatic, small, large, etc.)

Large bodies of water (lakes, mainly Lake Ontario where I grew up)

Living room spaces (with an especial focus on curtains and fabrics)

I suppose I will not be writing about any of these things.

What are your common places?





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  1. Hi Grace!

    Thanks for sharing your thought process going into this exercise. I love hearing where fellow poets are at with the exercises and what you guys have been thinking about while doing them.

    I like that you evaluated the places you most write about, trying to justify and understand why these spaces are sources for you. It’s interesting the amount of large and small spaces and ones that are just entirely different from each other. It really makes you think about what the heck is going on in your writer’s mind! For me, most of my places were bright but I also had graveyards on the list. What’s that about.

    Here’s a list of places I write about the most:

    My brain as a concrete place. I don’t know why I do this but, talk about being in your own head all the time.


    My childhood home. But not necessarily as a tangible place. This disturbs me and I have a hard time writing from this place or even with it in mind, but for some reason I still have a HUGE urge to do it.

    Graveyards.. (the eerie feeling I get and how out of place and WRONG it feels for me to be there always gets me thinking. Plus the whole life-death is a large topic. I love reading the inscriptions and seeing how worn away the rock is, the care or lack of care people put into their deceased friends and family. It humbles me to know that we are all waiting to die.

    Bright rooms. I know this is vague, but changes in light are a huge intangible source to me, and I’ve noticed that bright rooms tend to spark my writing.

    Small spaces within nature. Not necessarily a beach, but maybe a certain spot on the beach where shells are and footprints are fresh. A specific spot within nature. An intimate spot.

    What do you think about that?

    – Juliet – 🙂

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