In Relation to my “Show Me Your List” Post…

Hi all!

I know we talked about this a little in class, but I’ll repeat myself so everyone knows what I’m blogging about.  A couple of weeks ago our writing exercise was to write a piece after making a list of words we find central to us as poets.  I requested, in my personal blog post, that you guys comment the lists you came up with so everyone could see them.  In class this week I mentioned how the poem that came from my list was one of my favorites so far.  Here it is:

Creating a list of words to choose from showed me that many of the things I write are connected.  For me, this was an important exercise because it allowed me to see what I love about my writing, and what I might need to think about changing.  I certainly can see myself using some of these words too many times in my pieces.  I will have to try and build my list up with more words I want to use, rather than words I actually use.

I think it would be really great to see everyone else’s poems that were created from their lists!  Comment them below!



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