Identity as Writers

National Geographic posted a short video about the late Yvonne Dowlen. In it, she details the interesting life she led. The path of her skating career is a very sweet one and the video talks at length about what skating offered her and why she continued to skate for so long. I think it was a nice video and recommend it if you have some free time.

Dowlen’s lifelong dedication to and affection for the sport is quite beautiful, as are the clips of her performances. I’m curious to know if all of you believe that writing, whether its poetry or something else, is intrinsic to who you are and who you always will be. Personally, I’ve always sort of defined myself as a writer but not so much as a poet, despite the fact that I’ve amassed more poems in my lifetime than any other creative writing. I believe this is because poetry tends to be more of a pastime or outlet for my thoughts and emotions, whereas my fiction (and more recently nonfiction) is more about how I want to define¬†my life/career I want to lead. If that makes sense? Poetry is something I can always turn to but my other writing is both a desire and a necessity.

Just thought I’d ask that and show you all this cool¬†video. Pun kinda intended.

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