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Hi poetry world!

Below is a link to 1989, The Number, “an exploration of the year 1989 through politics, personal history and culture. This chapbook plays like a mixtape incorporating the hottest records and stories of ’89 and reflecting their relevance for today. For hip-hop heads ’89 was the peak of the Golden Era and the Crack Epidemic. For BreakBeat poets 2016 feels like a similar meeting of incredible artistic production and critical political terror. For 6 days at the end of 2015 poets Kevin Coval and Nate Marshall took to the page to consider the past and the year(s) to come.”

It’s an awesome read/ listen, and is an awesome representation of the work of the BreakBeat Poets (explore the website, it’s dope). It also helped me a lot when working through/ thinking about the relationship between hiphop and poetry. Also, the themes are eerily relevant, a great lens through which to look at today’s political climate.


Check it out and comment with any thoughts or other insights!

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