“Honest Confessions on Letting Go.”

Hi all!

I just realized I haven’t been on the blog in a while–oops!  Seems like the end of the semester is creeping up on me!

These past two semesters have been crazy whirlwinds for me and I’ve found myself letting go of a lot of things that I am reluctant to depart from.  Today I was thinking about how badly I miss writing slam poetry, and found myself listening to it.

Kevin Kantor’s “Honest Confessions on Letting Go” has been one of my favorite slam pieces in the Button Poetry collection.  I always find myself going back to his stuff–along with Neil Hilborn’s, of course.

Lytton–I apologize if I’ve posted this piece on the blog during a previous workshop, but I do want to say something about this piece (and poetry in general) that I didn’t recognize before.  I think that as time passes our perception of poetry changes based on our perception of the world.  If I go back and read an old piece I wrote freshman or sophomore year, I find that that poem was created from an  old version of me.  I am only starting to recognize that I am constantly changing.  While this is not the most pleasant thing to admit, I think that it’s important to recognize the importance of letting go; Kevin Kantor does so beautifully.


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