Lyrical, Part 2

Lyrical, Part 1 listed some of my favorite lyrics and the artists who sang them. Song lyrics often reflect what we, as people, connect with and what we feel. My English teacher in 12th Grade had us do an exercise in Creative Writing Class where we found the lines we liked most in songs and the poems we read in class and put them all together into a single poem.

Looking back, I think this is a very interesting exercise, especially seeing as it consists of found poetry. All the sources would probably have to be credited and whatnot, but even if it was just the ideas taken from the lines and how they would connect altogether. The way he thought of it was a way to get us thinking about how the lines of completely unrelated works could create an individual story and it inspired us to think in new ways. I’ve tried once, and while it was time consuming, it was ultimately something that stimulated ideas. It was an activity that helped me to look at writing as a puzzle rather than something to simply be written. I had to think of how the lines could lead into each other and how they would sound together and where lines could be cut and pieced together.


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