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We’ve been talking a lot about the line as moment, but what should we do about the poetic moment overall? I mean to say– what do we do when we are struck with a moment of beauty, or sadness, or *insert other abstraction*– where do you go first?

There are deeper parts of my mind that I feel I am gaining access to lately, and they have an essence of nostalgia and longing. I think of my hometown in Florida, or the streets of my Long Island home, the way the library looked when I was in middle school. Does anyone else feel these pangs, these yearnings, for something deeper in the self?

I feel these yearnings are deeply rooted in the past, but also occupying my sense of the present. Sometimes I try to hone in on it, to understand the mindfulness of when I focus on he shadow on my dresser or the the sound of my housemate doing the dishes. But it’s something more than mindfulness.

What do you do when you find these moments? Do you pick up a pen and write? Do you let it sit for a bit? Do you eat some food? Do you go to bed? I’d like to know.

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  1. Man, I love this post. I’ve been feeling the same way in the past couple of months- this sense of nostalgia, and feeling entranced by moments I never thought would come back to me, or thought that I would want to come back to. In these moments, I personally like to get lost. I’ve been finding that the more I ruminate on the past, the more memory and feeling is brought to the forefront of my mind- I can think about one memory, and then 15 minutes later I’m in my first childhood bedroom jumping on my bed, having no idea how I got there. I always want to write about these moments, but I find myself feeling a sense of confusion when I actually sit down to write. Do I write about the actual memory itself, or the feeling of the memory? What if the memory I’m remembering will be remembered differently on any other given day? I’m hoping to one day figure all of my shit out, but in this moment I think I’m just enjoying the ride, and seeing where my present mind can take me.

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