Sound in Writing

As a writer, sound plays an important role. Sound varies from on paper to off. Anyone can write something like, “the clock made a ticking noise”. But what did the ticking noise actually sound like? Was it loud? Annoying? Calming? That is when it becomes the responsibility of the writer to dig further on what is just on the paper and to add meaning to the words.


As a writer it is difficult to incorporate sound in a piece. I believe in incorporating the five senses in a piece because it stimulates an image and causes the readers mind to think past the words and apply them to an actual meaning. Think about a song. If a song only had one instrument throughout the entirety of the song, the song would be really boring and no one would want to listen to it. So in writing, if we only wrote about things that stimulated, for example, smell, the piece would lack in both creativity and imagination.


Sound to me plays an important role to not only my actual life but writing as well. Each sound is unique. Some are calming like waves hitting a beach, and some are aggravating, like nails on a chalkboard. When I write I want my audience to feel what I am feeling. If I am writing a piece and want them to feel my anger or sadness I will use words to describe the sound for that emotion. Sound is often kept on a low radar but it is more relevant than we think.

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