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As a person, I strive to be clever always. I appreciate witty repartee and intelligent comebacks. So, usually in my writing, that snarky-ness can come out. Especially at the very start/development while establishing myself as a poet, because I would just naturally write whatever came to mind. The voice just came out onto the paper. With this, came a very strong sense of self. That confidence then even reflected back into my reality. Writing has truly helped me to mature as a person. It has been my own therapy sessions, and progress of growth. I would go back and forth with the paper, constantly finding new ways to express myself, trust myself, and love myself. I became comfortable on the paper with my ability to write, and because of that, I became comfortable in my own skin. I am proud that I have developed in this and look forward to where even more vigorous writing can take me as a poet, and person.

Now in my writing, I think my voice and style has changed–for the better. I focus less on my sassy qualities of just pure, raw emotion/passion, and drive more towards sonic sounds and content. I truly think I am a fiction writer at heart because my poems always lean towards more narrative, but I will never let go of poetry. In my poetry, regardless of my more established sense of self, I do still want to try and experiment with more techniques. I want to try different perspectives, I am ALWAYS in first person. But perhaps my strengths lie in other areas that I haven’t even touched upon. There are many strengths while using second person, or even third person. I want to more immerse my reader into the sense of place and feeling that I try to so vividly paint for them. I think different point of views are a great place to start. BUT, I will never forget my roots of the 13 year old girl with an attitude who fell in love with poetry. A part of me while always have that snap to my writing and passion. I am proud of that sense of awareness and am excited to see where else it will propel me.


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  1. Julia,

    I very much appreciate this thoughtful consideration of attitude in poetry; I, too, have find that my work often calls upon a similar raw, sometimes snarky passion. Interestingly, though, I think that my timeline of voice is sort of a mirrored version of yours, as I started writing poetry around a similar age that you did, but I had a tendency to shy away from too much emotion back then. Instead of funneling the angst of being 13 into my writing, I opted to tackle things that were soft and accessible, like nature. I kept gentle little poems, probably involving a lot of simple rhyme schemes, in a pink felt-bound notebook. As I’m sure you can imagine, my writing has changed quite a lot since then. Nowadays, I often write with anger (although I have learned that such a concentrated emotion must be used wisely). Generally, I have learned what it means to write agency into a poem and, furthermore, the value of doing so. The one token of my 13 year old voice which has withstood the test of time has been my inclination to illustrate my poems, although those illustrations have undergone a similar injection of passion. But regardless, it’s always interesting to consider how far we’ve all come as writers, and I’d argue that occasionally doing so is vital if one hopes to continue improving and evolving within their work.

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