How Poetry Has Helped Me Ace My Tests

According to John Locke, who I am currently reading in my humanities course, he believes that poetry is more of an ‘art’ than a ‘fruit of study’. And people who are ‘good’ at poetry are naturals at it. They can very easily understand rhetoric, without even knowing what rhetoric is. Poets are able to easily understand people, prioritize things, know the difference between right and wrong, and interpret language very well.

With this, I believe that I do understand poetry, and I love to write it as well. This also adheres to my personal life. I am very emotionally understanding, while able to communicate well. I LOVE to talk. And, I’d like to think that I’m ‘good at it’. My manipulation of language does sprout from Locke’s concept of a natural poet, but it also does have to do with both of my parents being lawyers. I grew up in a court house, my palette for language, and the way I speak was developed at a very young age. With time, my abilities and method of ‘manipulative speaking’ grew.

I am often able to persuade people, I am strong in arguments, and people tend to confide in me since they know that I am understanding. Relating back to the title of this piece, my language ‘skills’ and personal comprehension of how I interpret language has really helped me to do well on tests, without even knowing the actual ‘knowledge’ of the test. There has been many times, where I felt as if I went into a test completely blind, and still pulled out a good grade. The reason for this, is that without even knowing the material of a multiple choice question, based on how the question/answers are worded, I am able to guess which is right. Now, of course, this is not a fool proof method. But more often than not, it does work. In relation to how the answers are formulated I can ‘choose’ which is the right answer.

My interpretation of language and my poetry truly has helped me to ace tests, I just hope that continues…



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