The definition of a poet.

The other day my friend approached me as I as doing some work and she asked what I was working on. I told her it was for one of my English classes and she said, “I always forget you’re the odd one out.” (meaning if not all but most of my friends are either science, business, communications, or education majors. Not a single one is English.) And then she proceeded to ask if I was a poet, and this is what got me wondering.

Am I poet? I guess I could say yes. I’m more of a poet than any of my other friends, and I do write poems quite frequently. So yes I am a poet. But then there’s the other half of me that says, no you’re not a poet, you wont even show your work to your friends and you’ve never even been published. I am constantly torn between being a poet and not. I believe that part of this struggle comes from a lack of confidence. I won’t get into that because I talk about confidence in a previous blog post. But, when I search in google “What is a poet” the answer is simple, a poet is someone who writes poems. So, by definition, I am a poet.

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