Be Bold

This week in class, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and shared a piece that I have been debating on submitting for workshop for a while. This piece contained content that is not often shared with classmates nor discussed comfortably out loud. 

I noticed that when my piece was being work-shopped, there was a bit of awkwardness between the conversation. I understand that the topic of the piece may have made people uncomfortable, because if I am being honest, it made me uncomfortable as well. 

I believe as writers it is critical that we continue pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. We may not enjoy it, and its definitely something that may leave both the writer and the reader unsettled, but it helps us to improve our creative writing skills. 

If we constantly wrote about the same topics and things that made us ~comfortable~ there would be a huge lack of diversity and creativity in our work. Although certain topics may make us nervous to write or read about, I believe as writers we should strive to be bold and daring.  

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  1. Bri,

    First off, I really love the poem you submitted; it was raw and confrontational, and it addressed an important issue that people (as we saw in class) often have difficulty discussing.

    I commend you for choosing to bring that piece into a workshop setting. In doing so, you obligated the classroom to be a sex positive and inclusive space, thereby enabling it to be so for poets in the future. In other words, by introducing the topic so unapologetically, I think you’ve made it easier for other students to follow suit throughout the remainder of the semester. The same was true of Megan’s poem a couple of classes prior.

    It’s sort of like when you’re taking a test and like half of the classroom is done but nobody wants to be the first to stand up and hand their test in, so as soon as one person makes the first move 20 people immediately follow suit. Except with sex and poetry. I very much appreciate that. Thank you for sharing, really nice work!

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