The 11 Things That Occur When You Fall In Love With A Poet

  1. You verbalize thoughts as haikus because it makes him laugh.
  2. You prod him to reveal his new poems to you, but he doesn’t because he “wants them to be a surprise.”
  3. You send him your “workshoppable” poems so he can send comments that will help you make the poems ready for class workshop (he’s a Lytton fanboy, so you mostly trust his judgment).
  4. You read all of his previous love poems and admire their sincerity.
  5. You wonder if you’ll ever write a love poem as sincere as his, considering that you don’t typically write love poems.
  6. You wonder if he’ll even like the love poem you write for him.
  7. You lend him your leggings.  He wears them to Creative Writing Club and receives more compliments than you do when you’re wearing them, and you’re not even mad because he looks so damn good in them.
  8. He lends you his flannel (which is poetic, because it’s a flannel)
  9. You snapchat yourself in his flannel, and he makes that snap his lock screen, and you wonder if that could be a poem in and of itself.
  10. You wonder if his face when he looks at you could be a poem in and of itself.
  11. Finally, you wonder if you could make your grossly cute relationship into a poem that your peers will find worthwhile in workshop.

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