I’ve been pretty happy with the weather change recently, I like the rainy, muddy, first weeks of Spring, where it feels as if Winter can be seen retreating. It’s no longer freezing and not yet sweltering, and walking through the fog is always a surreal and pleasant experience. I’ve been reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, which seems to fit the atmosphere pretty well. I feel like my writing is getting a bit more lively as well, my winter poems are more based around recollection and longing, while I’d like to think that my spring works have more of an active feel to them.

Spring is enjoyable but also overwhelming in a sense. Observing, and avoiding stepping on, the masses of worms drawn out by the rain, always puts me in an odd mood. Watching life suddenly reclaim the world is wonderful but also puts words like “Teeming” in my head. I hope I can capture that ‘out of control life’ feeling in my poetry.

I’m also excited for a little later on into Spring, when the weather gets warmer and dryer, and I can start listening to the Violent Femmes’s self titled album on repeat and once again try, and most likely fail, to learn to skateboard. I’m all for winter hibernation mode, but re watching Harry Potter movies has started to get a little old. Hopefully Spring breaks a certain staleness I’ve been starting to feel and gives me some good ideas for writing.

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  1. Henry, I hope the beginning of Spring finds you well! I am also excited. In addition, I have loved the fog, it is so cozy–feels like its wrapping around you for comfort, but can also be deceiving because it’s indeed dangerous. What an interesting duality that something so simple retains. Also, I LOVE the word teeming… so much can be done with that sound and instant vision that comes to mind. Keep writing! I am sure that inspiration will find you soon. Hopefully when the flowers pop up…

    1. Yeah it’s a great time of the year, one of my best memories involves taking a sick day in seventh grade and reading a whole young adult fantasy novel while watching the heavy fog outside, the fog happened to have a weird green tint to it that made it even cooler.

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