Revision Blues

The one thing I hate most about writing is revision. In general it takes a lot out of a person to be like yeah, I was wrong let me fix that. Let alone going back to their OWN writing and changing it.

We get so attached to our writing that we forget that these workshop comments are constructive criticism. They are meant to help not hurt us. I personally write poems, or even short stories, and find it so hard to go back and revise. Sometimes I wanna scrap the whole thing in general and start over. But then a voice in the back of my head stops me and tells me its not the end of the world, this revision is gonna make your piece stronger. That voice is right. If I stop being so stubborn, I can have the potential to really enhance my work by tweaking a few/or a lot of things.

Revision sucks in my eyes but at the end of the day I know that it can truly help me become a greater writer.

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  1. Howdy!

    Although I’m particularly bad at taking criticism in real life, I take it better in workshop settings (although the person I cry to at the end of every Monday might say otherwise). But it’s so rewarding to change a poem and say, “Oh wow, that looks/sounds/feels so much better!” Ya agree?

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