Workshop Experience

As I first entered this class, I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous of course, and I knew it was going to consist of workshop, but I have never partook in a workshop this intense before. It was for sure stressful and nerve racking at first, but as the semester is coming to a close, workshop has become something I really enjoy.

Critiquing other peoples work has really enhanced my writing skill. It helps me realize and understand the type of work I want to produce. Work shopping my peers work gives me ideas of what to possibly write about while helping me avoid techniques and or vices that I do not wish to write about.  

Sometimes I find myself unsure of what to comment on my peers work. No piece of writing is truly perfect but it may be hard to find the right thing to comment. I always try to give my peers comments to the best of my ability. It is always disheartening when you receive your poem back and there are little to no comments on it, does it mean I am doing something right or does my reader not care? Showing some effort truly goes a long way. 

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  1. Bri,

    I, too, have never experienced something like this workshop… it really is different, but you’re right! Whether it’s our own piece being workshop, or revising someone else’s piece, it all ultimately makes us better. Recently I was interviewing candidates for a position my medical fraternity, and interviewing someone taught me how to interview better… I realized “oh wow, that person keeps touching their face, let’s not do that..,” or “oh wow that person seems confident let’s implement that into my interview skills…,” It really is a rewarding experience to learn in such a great environment, such as this workshop. I feel privileged for that.

    I agree with the comments. Effort really helps and shows so much care in a piece. Sometimes I want to say so much about a piece that I comment what I can, and then put my phone number at the bottom of the page with a note to meet up.. other times I email, or go HAM in my letter. But you’re right, it’s disheartening to see almost blank pages when the comments I hand back are color coded and highlighted…

    Overall, I take a lot from this workshop. And am honored to have been a part of it–I’m glad that you feel the same.


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