How to Steal to Start

I really enjoyed writing for the third exercise which was writing a poem with stanzas. I think this exercise was easier for me because as part of the exercise, there was a suggestion to steal a line from a poem we’ve already read in class to begin our poem. I stole a line from the poem “You can take off your sweater, I’ve made today warm”. The line goes “what if it’s cold”. Immediately when I went back to this line, I knew what I wanted to write about. It feels a lot easier to write when I’m given a specific starting place. As soon as I read the line on it’s own, I thought of a situation of unrequited love and staying together even when it’s cold. Writing about the physical side of relationships has always been so interesting and fun for me because there are so many verbs, body parts, and descriptions that can be used to describe it. I love seeing the way a single moment or touch can look on paper and the different ways it can be described. I like the way the words slide together and that even if you’re not the one that experienced it, the words can help you feel the way the speaker did.

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  1. I really like that idea, Mya. I didn’t try to steal a line from a poem for that exercise, but I find myself often connecting my writing to others’ writing. I feel like sometimes I need a jumping off point too. It feels good to connect with other people’s words and still be able to build on ideas that might already be out in the world. Thanks for sharing!

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