What are My Organic Thoughts?

When the topic of what organic writing is came up, it confused me. I feel as though you can’t really decide whether someone’s writing is organic because how can you know someone’s intent unless they tell you and everyone’s organic thoughts can be interpreted differently. Someone can feel that my writing can be cliché because it’s often about different kinds of love which can seem overdone but whenever I write, it’s as organic and unique to me as possible.

When I first found my passion in writing, it was usually about my different relationships with family members. This was one of the few topics that I had concrete memories to add to my narratives. There were specific moments and faces that I could paint with my words. But even though as I get older and my relationships with these people are changing, giving me more to write about, I’ve switched my focus on what’s fun for me to write about.

Lately I’ve been very fascinated with writing about the body or more specifically physical relationships and the emotions that come with it. I find that ways to describe this topic come to my mind very organically. It’s so interesting to think of the different ways to describe something as simple as holding hands. I love that what comes naturally to someone’s mind could be the furthest thing from someone else’s mind.

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  1. Mya,

    Where I can really feel your poems being unique to you is specifically within “Winter Girl”. I think this poem has some common, worldly themes incorporated into it, yet there were some distinct, and unmistakable MYA aspects to it as well. I keep coming back to the line “tulips grow in my curls” — this, is what I like to call organic. When you mention the bodily aspects of breasts, sweat, and other words alike, it makes the poem natural, raw, and not only in content, but sentiment as well. We are able to feel our speaker through these natural qualities and word choices. This works well for you — perhaps explore the ‘organic’ even more in your work… there’s great potential for it.

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