Senior Scaries

As time progresses and I begin to reach the middle of my Fall semester of my Senior year, a million thoughts began to run through my head. The one thought I have that has been pretty prominent, is what I want to accomplish when I graduate, and where my degree can take me.

I started this process by going back and looking at the first poems I have ever written. In doing so,  I realized how much my writing has improved. My old writing isn’t necessarily bad, but it definitely is not good. Seeing this improvement made me realize that my writing can only improve in the future.

I was always concerned that I would not be a good writer, and who is to say that I am right now. Seeing my improvement has given me the confidence that my journey as a poet is blossoming and improving every day.

With that fact in mind, seeing my improvements has given me the courage to apply for my MFA. I am currently looking into different programs that I believe will best suit me. Part of being a successful writer is confidence, but it is not grown over night.

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  1. Bri,

    I’ve had the pleasure of being in workshop with you for two semesters now, and in both workshops I’ve had the opportunity to explore your work and write letters about it. As such, I have been made privy to the dramatic shifts in your work, even just over the course of the last two semesters. In fact, I have a very distinct memory of reading your first workshop poem this semester and being so impressed with, first of all, how different it was from everything I’d already read of yours and, second of all, how correct it felt. Like you said, your old poems weren’t bad (I personally would say they were good, although I realize it’s sometimes hard to look back fondly at your old work), rather they are different. I think it’s not that your writing got better, necessarily, so much as it is that you figured out what you should be writing and how you should be writing it. I think that’s what I mean when I say “correct” — your writing now feels deliberate and sure of itself, like definitively Bri poems. Truly, I think you’ve found your poetic voice. That’s amazing, and I’m happy to hear you’re applying to MFA programs. Best of luck, you’ll do/write amazing things!

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