I am trying harder to find time to write for fun but it’s so hard. Whenever I have the time to write, it feels like all motivation is lost. I get stage fright when the pen is in my hand and can’t find words that deserve to be on the page. I am trying to practice writing despite a lack of motivation because then maybe I’ll have more practice with how I like to format my writing and maybe find more inspiration from my attempts at writing. Learning how to push past my what I feel like I am lacking and my need for perfection on the first try feels impossible but I am getting there.

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  1. Let’s talk more – office hours! In general, I’ve found formal constraints and writing exercises help; I love the exercises in The Practice of Poetry: Writing Exercises from Poets who Teach, which you can preview on Google Books here:

    But others might find that its content that gets them moving, and so keeping lists of things that preoccupy us might be better – even if they’re not in a notebook, although that’s ideal. Writing is muscular…the more we do it, the more familiar it gets and the more we can ‘lift,’ as it were.

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