Why I write

My goal in writing is to be able to be my most authentic. For me, poetry is a releasing of raw emotions. Complete and utter honesty of emotion is necessary to have a good piece. I don’t believe that the topic or genre of a piece matters but a reader can tell when there is something disingenuous about a piece of writing. It is supposed to make the writer uncomfortable to be sharing so much yet they still do for the sake of their art. Writing exposes what we don’t always freely say. With my writing, I am trying to hone in on my honesty because I feel like that will make my writing better. I sometimes steer away from being too honest because in my head I can almost picture the people I am writing about or just someone who I don’t want to see my writing reading it out loud. That picture keeps so many words in my head and off the page which makes me sad. I want to be less scared to be very explicit because I want to get my thoughts out there and see what I can really do with my art when I’m not scared of consequences.

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