Poetry in Youth

This past month, I have attempted to get ahead on assignments & projects in classes, and extra curricula’s. This includes visits to elementary schools in the Rochester area as it is required as an early childhood education major to complete a certain number of hours before the end of the semester. To get them out of the way, I have been a frequent visitor in a kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classroom over the past few weeks. As this has taken up a huge chunk of my time regarding being a college student, I have noticed that english and education visits may overlap in content.

As a visitor, my job is to observe the in’s and out’s of what go on in a classroom, help the teacher with whatever is needed as well as take in the atmosphere and acquire new knowledge on children. During most of these visits I am able to experience the things kids say. Some things that come out of their mouths just don’t make sense, some comments are funny and cute and others are shocking. To a teacher, these are the moments you remember and stick with you throughout your career. It can be said that children, even as young as five years old are little poets. Floods of ideas race through their tiny developing minds every second. Some children are very thoughtful in what they say but most just say what comes to mind. I have thought of this as another source I can use in my poetry. I think it is especially unique as well as I have never seen any poems on this topic. Looking forward to workshopping some of the pieces I create using this idea, I am always open to any suggestions and/or comments!

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  1. Please write this poem!!!!!!! Education major to education major, I need you to write this! I often think about the absolutely ridiculous things my students said, and I taught 7, 8, 10, 11, & 12, so I can’t imagine what little kids say! I hope you bring it in to be work shopped because I would love to read it!

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