Poet Ex Machina

I don’t want to compare poets to machines: spewing out verses like the Lamron printer spews out newspapers. I just mean to express that our brains never stop creating. I have a notes app file dedicated to unfinished poems and bursts of line inspiration. The file is over a year old and I don’t know what to do with it. But it’s where I can word vomit without fear or commitment. It’s where my emotional can become mechanical, in that I don’t have to think or compose, I just have to write. I encourage all poets to explore their machine: don’t hesitate on poetic thoughts or words that just appear in your head, print them as soon as they’re processed. Turn them into your own personal bank for when your lacking funds in inspiration.

You may find at times that the savings go untouched. I’m currently struggling with that. The lines and words deserve a place in my poetry, but I don’t know where to put them. I’m constantly debating on putting them in verse or prose, too, not knowing the difference between my poetic and prosaic language anymore (as they’ve intertwined and become the same at this point). I don’t force myself to work with what I have, though. I feel it’s important to not spend all your funds at once. Always have some emergency money.

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