In Response to Pound

Often times, I need to remind myself that poetry and prose are “fruit of the same tree” to be completely cliché. That is, both are forms of writing with the potential of overlap, should the writer wish to do so. Imagery seems to be the greatest connecting the force that allows the writer to create a sort of inner world in a poem the same way one would do in a work of creative prose: “Good prose will do you no harm, and there is good discipline to be had trying to write it” (Pounds).

It’s difficult for me to put into words how I feel about any form of writing. The only explanation I can give is this: Sometimes, I go into my head, where there is my own world that I know more than the world outside.” That is what I like about writing prose—I have more room to create the world and take what’s in my head and put it on the page. Imagery is what allows me to do this—I think in pictures to explain the abstract, using what I know from prose (e.g. precise details that form a full picture in the reader’s mind), and trying to place it in my poetry, which is why my poetry tends to be more structured, telling a story, rather than being abstract.

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