On Finding a Distinct Writing Style

When Professor Lytton discussed out first class workshop, I found it really interesting that we were submitting our work anonymously. Although the point of this was to focus on the poem and not the writer, I wondered if the people who’ve read my past poems would be able to recognize my style.

Recently I’ve noticed that my writing has been moving further away from what I’ve written in the past and the poem I chose to submit read very differently than my other poems. Part of me is very nervous about how this poem will do in class and if it will be received as well as my past work. There’s also a part of me that fears I’m moving backward in my writing. Does anyone else feel like it’s hard to grasp onto a writing style?

This semester I want to challenge myself to find what works in my writing and what poems best represent my voice. I don’t want to stress about the creative process too much, but it would be nice this semester to identify what exactly makes my poems mine. On the bright side; it feels refreshing to create something new.

If anyone has any writing exercises that help develop a personal style I would love to know!

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  1. Danielle,

    It was amazing reading that packet of beautiful poetry. I could identify Abby and Natalie’s poem with ease. Their styles are gorgeous and incredibly unique. After reading a semester’s worth of your work, I couldn’t pinpoint which was yours (which I loved)–but had an idea. This is a such a cool concept to me, that we can tell who is who… I very much want to experiment within the context of my work, because I write about the very same things almost every time: family, sex, and bad influences. I write what I know, and those are the things I’m drawn to EVERY TIME. This semester I almost want to avoid those things… so let’s see how that goes.


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