My New Favorite Author

I encountered my new favorite author (regarding poetry, that is) this past summer. His name is Kaveh Akbar, and he is PHENOMENAL. His book, “Calling A Wolf A Wolf” is one I read time and time again these past few months. I was recommended this book by TC Tolbert (and by Lytton, I believe)–and I am so glad I ordered a copy of it.

This book is raw. You can FEEL the personal journey and feelings of Akbar. As a recovering alcoholic Muslim, he channels the most organic and connecting feeling throughout his writing. Something that tI have noticed throughout his poems is the incredible use of comparisons. In addition, his word choice is fluid and extremely deliberate and strategic–everything connects. These are the two things that I NEED to steal from him, and two things I greatly admire within his writing.

Something even COOLER is that Kaveh Akbar, THE KAVEH AKBAR, quote tweeted one of my tweets. I almost cried. I posted a picture of my marginalia in his book because the page was covered in notes and pencil markings. He then saw the picture, quote tweeted it, and said “Nothing fascinates me more than someone’s marginalia.” I immediately was SO insecure that the author of this book I just graffiti-ed was reading my notes, but I also was like ‘holy shit the author of this book I graffiti-ed is reading my notes…’

It was crazy. But, moral of the story–read the book, it’s incredible.




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  1. I know this posting is about the book of poetry (and I am very much inclined to pick it up, especially after meeting and enjoying a workshop with TC Tolbert— I love to see the poetry that poets like to read) but I feel the need to comment that I’ve never heard anyone call it “marginalia” before and I can’t believe I’ve been living without THAT wonderful word in my life!

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