It was really weird to write a poem that had a set form before I started to write it. I usually write all of my poetry by way of free-writing.  Everything I write comes with no thought to form until after it is written. It was really cool to see how writing with a pre-determined form helped me to write a poem. It was fun to write in a different way but I definitely prefer writing free verse.

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  1. Mya,

    I had a very similar experience. I find it really difficult, sometimes even frustrating, to write in a strict, predetermined form. I went into this week’s writing exercise knowing this, and thus opted for the first option, the sonnet, for my poem this week, because the sonnet feels less restrictive to me, at least compared to the villanelle or the pantoum. Even so, I had a really hard time getting the poem to 14 lines naturally, without feeling like I had tacked the last few lines on. I am actually quite happy with the poem as it turned out, and I don’t think I would have written this poem without the constraints of the sonnet form, but I also realize that this poem might have to grow outside of the sonnet in future drafts in order to become fully realized. I think that, for me at least, the sonnet and other such forms serve as effective starting points for me, but will very rarely make into final drafts and portfolios. Even so, they are useful.

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