Intersectionality in Poetry

Next week in my Women and Gender studies class we have a paper due that explores intersectionality in everyday campus life, developing  your own case study and analysis. The paper will rethink “everyday practices underpinning racism, genderism, classism and other -isms” in the university environment with a focus upon your own discipline/major.

I thought to myself, what could I possibly write about that involves these said issues that also relates to my major (English creative writing). I was stumped for a while, thinking about what my major has to do with intersectionality. But then I was reminded of David Herd’s, “Through”. David Herd’s collection of poetry deals with politics and the various ways it can be echoed.

This brought to me to my paper topic and that poetry can be used to express ones political views, emotions, privilege, etc., and this relates back to intersectionality. I am also arguing that what a person may write may spark interest and potentially bring rise to a movement or start a new passion for someone who is reading said poem. Poetry can be written and read in various forms and I believe it allows one to explore intersectionality in a creative and artistic manor.

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  1. Bri,

    I first heard the word ‘intersectionality’ in my Sociology 210 class. It was a question on my study guide — “what does the intersectionality of race and class mean for working class families” — or something along those lines. Apparently, in sociology, intersectionality is a HUGE concept. And, in everyday life it is a daily factor in opportunities, and so on. I was shocked that this word hasn’t come up before in my life — I’m sure it should of. But yes, in English, this is HUGE. Even in language this is an imperative concept. It is much to big to explore in a blog post — but know that I’m right there with ya, artistically and creatively speaking.

  2. Bri,

    I hope your paper is coming along nicely! I think addressing this paper in reference to your poetry is a good idea. I’ve had trouble personally deciding what to write for this paper. It probably would’ve been a good idea to think about my own writing too, but I focused more on the classes/curriculum itself. Best of luck to you!

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